Maker Faire is an interactive event that celebrates and showcases the work of inventors, creators, and DIY enthusiasts of all ages. We feature hands-on exhibits, demonstrations, and workshops in fields such as robotics, crafts, engineering, art, music, 3D-printing and future technologies, designed by students, teachers, and independent folks who build interesting things.

Coney Island Maker Faire will be held from October 4-6 in 2024 in Maimonides Park stadium and The Coney Island Amphitheater. Now in full production, we are licensed and authorized to use the Maker Faire® brand assets and to revive the NYC Maker Faire tradition.

October 4 is for setup, education visits and “meet the makers” in an informal environment, while October 5-6 are for the Faire itself.

We’ll be holding competitions, exhibitions, classes and panels to spotlight and celebrate the great minds and makers from New York, and from around the world.

In addition to our concert-sized amphitheater, baseball park, two huge amusement parks, midway, and the Reigleman Boardwalk, Coney Island has the capacity, food options, entertainment, emergency services, infrastructural services we need and a transportation hub the size of most cities’ central station.

“What if changing the world was just about being here, by showing up no matter how many times we get told we don’t belong…” — Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot